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by BRG on November 29, 2015

Sunday Times Teaser 2775 – Strictly Not

by Angela Newing

A dance competition had five judges, each with eight marks which they divided among the four dancers who entered. All judges gave all dancers at least one point and they all split their marks in different ways.

The sum of Amanda’s marks to Lana and Natasha equalled the sum of Barry’s marks to Madge and Paula.

Madge got more of Barry’s marks than the others; Paula got more of Charles’s marks than the others; and Natasha got more of Doris’s marks than the others. Edna gave more marks to Lana than Amanda did.

As all dancers finished with the same totals, the head judge’s scores were used to determine the winner and the runner-up.

Who was the head judge, who was the winner and who was the runner-up?

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